Read what clients are saying about Shawn's consulting services:

M. Gordon
Vice President - Claims · The Pasha Group

  I have known Shawn for over 22 years in a professional capacity since our introduction through RSG.   I have found him to be the most valuable systems resource our company has utilized and have retained him as a contractor throughout the duration.

Shawn was the only reason we were able to keep our systems running and was instrumental in designing and implementing several cross platform interfaces which enabled our systems to pass and retrieve financial data and do complex calculations.

When Microsoft sunsetted the version of SQL which underpinned our software Shawn was able to provide fixes to enable us to keep running (against dire predictions from Microsoft and our own internal IT staff).

Without a doubt I would utilize him for any IT development, sleuthing or maintenance project I would have and sleep better at night for it.  

S. Saagas
Sr. Manager Performance & Support · Crawford\RSG IT

  I have worked with Shawn in a variety of capacities during the 22 years that I have known him.   We first worked as peers when I was responsible for the infrastructure and Shawn managed the development team.   Later Shawn worked for me on the Application Performance & Support team where we added functionality, improved performance and provided maintenance and support.   Shawn designed and built our original flagship Windows product 'SIGMA Encore' and all the underlying components (reporting, security controls, web portals, etc).

Shawn is able to identify key business needs, find the right technology to meet those needs, and develop a polished product.   He has taken this process from beginning to end successfully many times. He requires very little direction and doesn't shy away from a challenge.   All of his code and designs are clean, well documented, easy to support, and built with the future in mind.   Shawn has a tremendous work ethic, great communication skills and always strives for excellence.   Our employees and clients use Shawn's work as the bar for any other product offering.

E. Murphy
Claims Manager · America President Lines

  I have been working with Shawn for the past 2+ years in conjunction with a RMIS claims system he manages for us.   Shawn is very detailed oriented, personable, always available and a pleasure to work with.   I appreciate his customer dedication and sharing of his expertise.  I highly recommend Shawn Wale.

Application Development Manager
Prominent Wine Producer based in Santa Rosa

  Shawn joined the team at a time when we were in the latter phases of preparing for a software release. It was in this very dynamic and somewhat chaotic environment that Shawn jumped in and quickly became a significant contributor.  He adapted quickly, asked a lot of questions, and made an immediate impact on the success of our team and our development projects.  In spite of the fluidity of Shawn's priorities and assignments he tackled every project with enthusiasm, determination and inquisitiveness.

Shawn's architecture, development and SQL database skills are exceptional.  He used his skills and knowledge to successfully complete assigned projects, improve the existing software design and coding, and introduce new concepts and techniques to the team which were implemented and proven to be effective.  Shawn's contribution to the team and project are remarkable given the short time he has been on board.

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