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Language & Technology Overview:

Shawn proudly offers the following full-stack software development services from Windows and Browser user interfaces to JSON\XML Web Services to Oracle, Microsoft and IBM SQL databases throughout the entire Software Development Life Cycle.

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Language & Technology Details:

HTML\JavaScript Web Applications

  • HTML, XML, JSON, JavaScript, AJAX
  • Sencha Ext JS, jQuery, jQueryUI, jQueryUI Theme-Roller, jQMobile, jQGrid and other popular libraries
  • Custom Ext JS and jQueryUI widgets\controls
  • WCF\C# web services returning JSON and XML
  • Custom browser integration into WinForm desktop applications
  • Windows SideBar Gadgets

Microsoft C# and .NET Framework

  • Object-oriented design and programming
  • WCF Web Services returning JSON and XML
  • Windows Desktops
  • Windows Server background processes\services.
  • Multi-threaded asynchronous processes
  • .NET COM Interoperability
  • MSI deployment packages
  • ADO.NET\ODBC\OLEDB database access
  • Object serialization & deserialization
  • Custom FTP\HTTP\SMTP internet clients
  • Web Service reverse-engineering and consumption
  • Automated web search tools
  • Hybrid C#, VB.Net and VB6 systems

Hybrid Systems

  • Design and build complex heterogeneous and data-driven architectures
  • Integration of .NET, legacy COM\VB6, WCF web services, custom FTP\HTTP\SMTP clients, databases, and other disparate platforms
  • Evaluation and integration of 3rd Party libraries, APIs and services
  • Evaluation, integration, and customization of Open-Source Software

IBM Cognos Analytics

  • Advanced programming with the IBM Cognos C# SDK & SOAP-based API
  • Report definition management and foreground\background execution
  • Report parameter management and output type selection
  • Burst file support
  • Report job creation and foreground\background execution
  • Report job and dispatcher\event monitor status checking
  • External output file storage and distribution
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IBM iSeries / DB2

  • Advanced SQL programming (DML\DDL)
  • Database design
  • RPGLE\SQL stored procedures
  • Data analysis\analytics and report writing
  • Data import\export
  • Application access and design optimizations
  • CNX Valence API programming
  • RPG4/RPGLE web-service/AJAX interfaces to DB2 Stored Procedures and Data Structures
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Microsoft SQL Server Replication (RMO)

  • Custom programming with the Microsoft Replication Management Objects (RMO) API\SDK
  • Replication publisher\subscriber setup and synchronization
  • Replication server setup and administration
  • LAN\WAN and internet-based replication protocols
  • Automation and embedding of synchronization services within custom applications
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Microsoft SQL Server

  • Advanced SQL programming (DML\DDL)
  • Database design
  • TSQL stored procedures
  • Data analysis\analytics and report writing
  • Data import\export (custom and SSIS)
  • LAN\WAN and internet replication topologies, publisher\subscriber setup and synchronization
  • Application access & design optimizations
  • Basic server administration
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  • Advanced SQL programming (DML\DDL)
  • Advanced PL\SQL stored procedures
  • Database design
  • Data analysis\analytics and report writing
  • Data import\export
  • Oracle Report Server (ORS): Automated RDF report submission, output archival and distribution
  • Application access and design optimizations

Custom Web Search and Data Acquisition

  • Advanced HTML and deep-web search
  • Form navigation, link traversal, cookie and state management, custom user agents
  • Data field search, collection, aggregation and archival
  • Automated JavaScript execution (via .NET assemblies outside the browser)
  • Web Service reverse-engineering and consumption
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ActiveX\COM, Microsoft VB6 and Excel VBA

  • Advanced design and programming of VB6 systems for standalone use or for bi-directional .NET COM Interoperability
  • Win32 API integration
  • Applications, DLLs, OCXs, and framework\library architectures
  • Asynchronous\multi-threaded processing
  • Responsive screen layouts
  • ADO\ODBC\OLEDB database access
  • Custom FTP\HTTP\SMTP internet clients
  • Custom browser integration within desktop applications
  • Excel VBA: Custom CSV text to Excel workbook formatting automation and macro processing

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